"Countdown to Armageddon" Chart Three



Seventh birthday of Jesus

1960 AD

Six-Day War
Jerusalem returned
to Israel.

PLO "Phased Plan"

[1975-2023: 49th Jubilee Cycle]

First Seal Opened



<-- Seven years -->
1960 years;
40 x 49 years
or 280
'weeks of years'
<-- Seven years -->
<-- Seven years -->
<-- 3 x Seven years -->
Birth of Jesus to beginning of Western Calendar. (40 Jubilee
cycles from 1AD)
of birth of Jesus
  2000 years since birth of Jesus  

The Sevens

This chart at first looks complicated, but it isn't. It takes us from 7BC to 1995, noting that each section is governed by sevens. First there are seven years from the birth of Jesus to 1AD. Then forty Jubilee cycles of 7 x 7 until 1960.

Another seven years takes us to 1967, the Six Day War; afterwards another seven-year cycle to 1974, which begins the 49th Jubilee Cycle. Another three seven-year periods takes us to 1994/5, beginning the countdown of the first four seals of Revelation (1994 - 2001 - 2008 - 2014) That year of 1994 - by no coincidence - is the 2000th-year anniversary of the birth of Jesus! (See my Note Eight on the main article page)

The opening of the seals also happen in regular seven-year periods.


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