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About Birthpangs

The Birthpangs Website

The Birthpangs of the Woman of Revelation

The ministry began in the early 1980's with a few handwritten leaflets.

Over the years, the work grew with more written and audio material. After the Toronto Blessing arrived, everything accelerated. Working as a team, many watchmen sounded the trumpet to warn the Church of danger.

My beliefs are outlined in my statement of faith on the website. I am a traditional Protestant believer, raised in the Anglican church. Briefly my beliefs are as follows:.

  1. Salvation is by grace, through faith.
  2. God is a Trinity and Jesus Christ is the Son of God.
  3. Heaven and Hell are real and eternal.

The only way to return to God and be reconciled to Him is through the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross, for only his shed blood is sufficient. I trust in God and his word. I believe in the inspired word of God, the gifts and ministries of the Spirit and the Second Coming of Jesus as Lord. .

With this present website, Birthpangs, my vision is to reach both believers and non-christians with a message of hope in the soon-return of the Lord. However, since I believe that we will all face increasing dangers and trials, that hope is tempered by a realistic preparation for coming events.

  • We will be tempted both by false teachings and selfish desires.
  • Sin matters - much more than we presently believe.
  • Our beliefs about the endtimes should be grounded in the bible.
  • The faith we have may not be sufficient if we neglect preparation.

There is much more that I could say on the same topic, but these brief remarks are not extensive enough to go into detail. I hope and trust you will browse the material on this site and find something to interest and help you.

I aim to be an obedient, gentle, humble and wise Christian, as God gives the grace. While admitting that, like all others, I cannot be perfect and that I often make mistakes, I strive always for:

  • Humility — in putting myself lower than others and being teachable.
  • Integrity — in being honest, straightforward and without guile.
  • Self-Scrutiny — in which errors can be discovered and corrected.
  • Knowledge — in which God alone is the Source and Teacher.
  • Wisdom — in being led by the Spirit in my understanding & decisions.
  • Maturity — in growth towards all things godly and good.

These qualities are aims, and I wish I could tell you that I had reached perfection! I fall far short, in many areas, but I feel it's important to strive for the highest while being realistic about my shortcomings. Above all, I praise God for his grace, mercy and forgiveness.

Recent Comments

  • Saved from Deception

    I am most thankful indeed for your work, as I was in one of the churches you exposed on your website years ago. It took me a while to understand but when I did, I told the Pastor. I had to leave that place but I have never been more thankful to the Almighty! Praise God he used you to open my eyes, Thank you again.

    By E-Mail

    Word of Faith is a Snare

    I chanced upon your little article about ten reasons NOT to accept Word of Faith teachings, and having shocked myself to the core, I read the larger one. Can I say how pleased I am that you took the time to write them, and how much I appreciate the truths therein! I had my doubts about this doctrine but I'm much more clued-up to it now.

    Blog Comment
  • Glad to see the Site is back.

    Thank you so much Tricia for putting your archives back on the Net. I visited your site all the time before, and I wanted to download them for friends again recently. They are a much-valued source of information!

    Cross+Word Comment

    Go for it! Praying for you.

    While not agreeing wholeheartedly with some of your conclusions as regards the endtimes scriptures, I certainly appreciate all the hard work you've put in, and I honestly wish you well with your work here. I think not too many people are looking into the pre-wrath coming of the Lord, or whatever position - but straying away from pre-trib anyhow. Praise God. Keep on laboring for HIM.

    E-Mail Comment

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