"War on the Saints" by Jessie Penn-Lewis

Chart 102

1. Deception.
How it is broken.
2. Ground.
How to dealt with.
3. Dispossession.
How ground is discovered
and removed.
4. Excuses.
How deceiving spirits cover their working.
5. Effects. 6. Results.


  1. The entry to the mind of questions concerning various experiences.
  2. "Doubt" of these experiences.
  3. Admittance of possibility of deception.
  4. Discovery of the deception.
  5. Acknowledgment of deception.

See pages 185-189.


The steady refusal of ground; specifically of the points wherein the believer sees he has been deceived, and their cause and results.

Watching against giving new ground.Feels and sees things apparently worse, but in reality they are actually better.

Each point must be fought through by persistent refusal.*See pages 190, 194.

* Also by action, as e.g., the regaining use of the mind.


The possession by the evil spirits now weakens according to the degree in which the ground is given up, and if more ground is not given.

See pages 195, 199.


Discovery of the excuses made by the evil spirits to cover their location and working.

The believer now resists these and calls them by their right name of "lies."

The need of being on guard against the evil spirits counterfeiting the man himself.

See pages 165, 201.


The symptoms gradually disappear, but the believer must be on guard not to consider he has full and final victory, nor think that the evil spirit has gone because the manifestations have ceased.

He needs to recognize and refuse all efforts at new deceptions.

See page 195


  1. Deep eagerness for the deliverance of others.
  2. Clear knowledge of the devil's true character in enmity and hatred of the believer.
  3. Past experience clearly understood, perplexities explained, and the Deceiver detected in his subtle workings.
  4. Never off guard concerning the powers of darkness in watching and prayer.
  5. Strong spirit development of resisting power against evil spirits in place of weak and passive drifting.
  6. The spirit liberated into universal prayer.

See page 205.

NOTE.--In studying these columns the believer needing deliverance should remember that all these stages may vary, and the "symptoms" of deception, possession, and dis-possession may be of slight or acute degree, and some be entirely absent.


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