The Greek Text of 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2

What does the original language reveal?

It may come as a shock to you that the English translation of this passage is somewhat is biased, albeit for the best of intentions. However, should we not find out what was actually written by Paul?

Should we go on including the words that are not found in the original text, and depend on human interpretation to grasp the essential meaning of this crucial passage?

Should we base our future on the interpretation of a particular word, that turns out not to mean what is implied? Let's be plain: the GREEK words don't mean what we have been told they do! The plain meaning has been overlooked in favour of a somewhat biased viewpoint.

In particular, the words that have been taken to mean the "rapture" actually do not have that meaning anywhere else in scripture! (Now, I'm not denying the Rapture!! Please believe me. It can be proven from other passages, but in this chapter something else is implied.

The Greek Text (see my explanations following)

Please realise that all words in italics have been added by a translator and are not in the original.




No doubt it would be very tedious for you to have to look up every Greek word according to Strong's numbers. That is why I've done it for you, and incorporated the meaning of each word back into the text (seen below) which can be read alongside the Greek above.

Note: MY translation is based on the Received Text (Textus Receptus) of the New Testament NOT Westcott & Hort.

I think you will agree that the interpretation is a little different to what we used to think. It conclusively shows that the Rapture will only take place after the Man of Sin is revealed.

Also, the verse that traditionally is applied to the Rapture, actually doesn't mean that, but speaks of a disclosing or revealing "in the midst" of this person. We should not be dismayed, because this only adds to our understanding of the End, nor should the appearance of the antichrist overthrow us because we then will KNOW it is the prelude to that DAY!

  • We beseech, ask and request you brethren, moreover, by the Coming (parousia) drawing near, advent of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together, congregating, meeting together as in a worship meeting towards and on behalf of Him,
  • That you be not speedily, suddenly and rapidly shaken like a boat rocking in a storm and shuddering, in your intellect and thinking and understanding, or upset, confused and clamouring;
  • Either by spirit or by word (logos, a spoken word - possibly prophetic or preaching) or by written letter, as if from us, as though the day [the hour, the time, age, season or tide] of Christ is already upon us, is present or is near impending.
  • Let no one beguile, seduce, delude or cheat you by any means, working upon you over and over;
  • For unless, and except, there appears, or comes to pass, or is brought about or occurs a falling away, apostasy, a defection from the truth beforehand, first and foremost ---
  • And that man of sin (transgression of the law, unrighteousness) is disclosed and revealed by taking the covers off, the son (kin) of ruin, loss, and destruction,
  • Who opposes, is opposite to and adverse to; and haughtily raises himself up over, superimposes himself over all manner of what is described or named or said to be divine or a god, or anything that is worshipped as divine, or is adored or idolised;
  • So thus, therefore, he in amongst, the inner sanctuary (not just the temple precincts) of God, sits down and appoints or shows himself forth, demonstrates, proves himself, his own self that he is divine, a god, God, or the Supreme Divinity.
  •  Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you these things?
  •  And now henceforth, hereafter, from this time, you are aware of, behold, have knowledge of and perceive what holds down, keeps, delays, stays and restraints…
  • … to the end that, (he) might be revealed, disclosed to view in his due season, set time or occasion; [This could refer to Jesus or the Antichrist]
  • For the closed-mouth secret, the mystery, of illegality, lawlessness, transgression already, even now, by this time, is active, is effectual and showing itself forth, 
  • but he [this one] who now – keeps it all in suspense, like bread is raised up by yeast and held in suspension -  holds down, delays, and keeps;  until, up to the point, that out of the midst (amongst, in the middle) he is caused to become, to be shown, to be generated, is brought to pass and comes about.
  • And, therefore, at that time shall be disclosed, the covers will be removed from that Lawless One, that one who heeds not the Law of Moses, by implication that Gentile, transgressor of the Law;
  • Whom the Lord shall abolish, take away, remove, with the spirit of his mouth and shall render entirely useless and ineffective with the epiphany, manifestation, advent (from ‘conspicuous, memorable’) of his Parousia, near presence, advent.
  • Whose coming (parousia, disclosure) is about, according to, concerning (the) energetic, strong operation of Satan in relation to all manner of miraculous forces and powers and supernatural or ceremonial indications, and lying (pseudo) omens;
  • And with all delusion, and deceitfulness of legal injustice, and moral wrongness of character or actions in those that are fully ruined and destroyed, for they did not accept or receive that affection, benevolence, and love towards the truth in order and to the intent that they be delivered, protected and made whole.
  • And by the channel of this act, because of this, there shall be sent out and dispatched by God a strong effectual straying away from orthodoxy or piety, and a misleading as regards an imposter;  that they should have faith in, credit, entrust to a falsehood, a lying thing, a pretence.
  • That wholly all and everyone (of them) who did not have faith in, credit, or trust in the truth might be called into question, legally punished and condemned at law, having been sued at the courts and judged,
  • Because [they] thought well of, approved, commended, were well pleased in and accounted as good, legal injustice, and wrongfulness in a moral or legal sense. (from dike, justice and right.)

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