Articles: The Green Rainbow

"Why is the Rainbow Green?" by Tricia Tillin (Major New Series to Come!)

The Bible is totally Consistent - Proven from Evidence about the Gems and much more

See my update note below.

Sparked off by the question that became the title for this series of articles, I studied the original word for "emerald" and what I found astounded me. I intend to explore much more than the supposed "emerald rainbow" around the Throne of God in Heaven. Asking myself why it was green, instead of the more usual fiery red and blazing white glory that others saw, I was led into a biblical search that touched on much more than gemstones.

It will examine:

  • The Foundation of New Jerusalem
  • The High Priest's Breastplate
  • The Tabernacle in the Wilderness
  • The Twelve Tribes of Israel
  • The arrangement of tribes around the camp
  • The arrangement reflected in Heaven
  • The coverings of the Tabernacle
  • The Four Living Creatures around the Throne
  • The Four Winds
  • The Four horsemen
  • And much more!

It may be some time before I complete this series, but check back to see when it's posted. [It is now July 2014.]


September 2014: I have been working hard on my study of the gemstones and tribes, and as fascinating as it is to me, I have had to abandon the idea of presenting it as an online work.

My reasons are, that without direct confirmation and new inspiration from God I cannot be conclusive in what I write as there are just too many unknown factors within this subject for me to bring any major new light upon it. The ideas and facts have puzzled experts for centuries, so I do not believe I have anything to add that would be worth reading.

I know that I have seen truths throughout the bible relating to colours, gems, tribes, the four corners of the heavens and much more - but so have many others on the Internet. Others have produced articles in depth that i could never hope to emulate, and furthermore there is no consensus of opinion amongst any of these writers, and no way of finding out which fact is biblically correct.

As far as the biblical texts on this particular topic, all is obscured and much is lost, through incorrect translation, historical ignorance, and simply lack of knowledge of things that no longer exist. It seems that God does not want everything about His mysteries to be known at this time, and I accept that.

Therefore, with heaviness of heart, I have put my box of research back in the cupboard, until such time as God sees fit to add further light (which will probably never happen in my case.)

The only part I completed [The gemstones in the covering of Lucifer, Ezekiel 28] can be seen on my blog, which is here: BLOG PAGE

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