"The Babushka Doll Principle" by Tricia Tillin


Here is the full content list and index of this major new series on "The Babushka Principle" of bible prophecy.

Page One: Introduction and the different cycles

  • The principle explained
  • Why is it important to know?
  • Babushka dolls seen as birthpangs
  • Proofs of the principle
  • The multi-layered seventy-year prophetic cycle
  • Seventies in scripture
  • Charts of the notable seventy-year cycles of history
  • The repeating three-and-a-half year cycle

Page One: Additional (Three attacks compared)

  • Comparison of three historical instances of the "Abomination of Desolation"
  • Chart of the events compared

Page Two: The first fulfillment of Daniel

  • Daniel's Seventy Weeks
  • The Daniel Prophecy in Hebrew and English
  • How can the differences be reconciled?
  • Calculating the "weeks"
  • The first babushka doll in this prophecy (Antiochus Epiphanes)
  • A wider fulfillment expected

Page Three: Fulfilled in Christ

  • The Daniel prophecy again fulfilled in Jesus
  • Counting the weeks
  • The midst of the week
  • On what day did Jesus die?
  • The divided seven of the temple lamp
  • Did the abomination occur in AD70?
  • What a future fulfillment requires

Page Four: Future Fulfillment

  • The future fulfillment of the prophecy
  • Israel's return
  • Cut off does not always mean slain
  • What about the "final week"?
  • The final seven sub-divided
  • Why do we call the last seven years the Great Tribulation?
  • The key event: the middle of the week
  • What happens during the first half of the week?
  • What happens during the second half of the week?

Page Four Additional: Charts of the sevens

  • The many instances of the babushka principle
  • The menorah lamp as a symbol
  • Charts of the seven cycles
  • Jubilees and 490-year cycles
  • The significance of the year 1993

Page Four Additional (2): The third day and other parallels explored

  • Prophetic parallels in the principle of three
  • The importance of the three days
  • What can we learn about the endtimes and our own preparation?
  • Third day and three days in scripture - tested, hidden, rescued

Page Four Additional (3) Other Significant Numbers

  • Fifteen
  • The Sixteenth Day
  • Comet and Eclipses in the prophetic timeline

Page Five: Jubilees and our own era

  • The 70 Jubilees of World History
  • What are the start and end points?
  • Known and suggested jubilees in history
  • Surprises and confirmations
  • When is the year 6000?
  • The overall plan
  • Some important dates highlighted
  • Our own era
  • The important number fifteen

Page Six: Conclusion and summary

  • The Lessons to be learned
  • Cut to the Chase
  • Our own future
  • Conclusion
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