Biblical Prophecies Aligned

The End: An Overview by Tricia Tillin


There are so many different views of the last days of the Church, Israel and the World that I know anything I might say will be seen as yet more speculation. Perhaps it is. But what I hope to show is that it's not half as complicated as Christians assume.

Most of the books and websites covering this topic go on for page after page detailing each small event from Revelation, Daniel or whatever, with topic after topic, event after event, so that confusion reigns. There's just way too much to understand.

It seems to me that scripture ought to be simple enough to grasp, and consistent. In fact, only one or two major events will happen, it's just that they are so important that the bible discusses them often, and in different ways.

Let me try to set down a simplistic list:

  1. Birthpangs - Increasing trouble and chaos - the so-called "sorrows of childbirth" predicted by Jesus and the Prophets (first four seals of Revelation)
  2. The "Great Tribulation" - the most intense labour pains just before the "birth", Seal Five, Christians hated by all, and Israel under fierce pressure and attack, outbreak of violence leading to many deaths, the cry of all is "God rescue us!" Not to be confused with the later troubles of Israel or the WRATH of God.
  3. 6th Seal + 6 trumpets of announcement; War in Heaven and panic on earth as satan and his evil servants are cast out of the atospheric heavens, and set about preparing for a massive war; stars both spiritual and natural fall, sun and moon affected; asteroid strike in the sea; demonic forces loosed across the earth
    while at the same time...
  4. "last trumpet" The "baby is born" and immediately caught up to Heaven to God "Sign of the Son of Man" seen in the sky as Jesus comes to gather his own. Now there will be "no more delay"...
  5. 7th seal, the three and a half years of the antichrist rule on earth. The demonic "beasts" seen on earth, ready to make war - so the "woman" Israel flees to the wilderness to be cared for, two prophets prophesy to the truth, angels warn of the consequences of worshipping antichrist.
  6. Antichrist rule, mark of the beast, ongoing judgements as announced by the trumpets (war etc) and successive judgements poured out in the "bowls of wrath" from God.
  7. Final battle, Jesus and holy angels arrive to defeat the two antichrist beasts, judge mankind, bind the devil, and set up the Kingdom.

This simple list contains all the information given by Daniel, Jesus, the apostles and John of Revelation, and tells the story of the Day of Vengeance, and the Day of Redemption which are in fact the same Day = the "Day of the Lord".

That is the day on which he will appear in the skies to snatch his beloved people away, and therefore allow evil to have full reign over the earth.

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