"2012 Olympics Opening & Closing Ceremonies" by Tricia Tillin

Part Three: The Closing Ceremony

Temple worship of Zeus, is the NEW hope for mankind's unity and prosperity!

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The closing ceremony of the Olympic Games was less spectacular than the Opening, but still full of hidden clues to the worship of the sun, and the new dawn of enlightenment.

To skip to the climax, I will mention again the phoenix with which I started this series. It rose out of the sun of the Olympic Flame like a bold statement that must not be ignored. The 20m wide phoenix filled the sky, and then prima ballerina, Darcey Bussell  - principal ballerina with the Royal Ballet in London - flew down upon it from the roof of the stadium.

She was joined by over 200 others, dancing to Spirit of the Flame, composed by David Arnold. Meanwhile, at the other end of the stadium, British pop group 'Take That' sang "Rule the World".


I am sure there can be any number of lame excuses why a phoenix, of all things, should rise from the olympic "cauldron" - as they persisted in calling it, although it had been composed of over 200 lily petals set alight in the opening ceremony (see part two). But in truth it's not a mere olympic symbol. It's about the hope of world unity, and resurrecting mankind into the new spiritual age, infused with luciferic wisdom.

phoenix 2012

I watched as countless thousands sang and swayed happily in unison, as fireworks lit up the sky, their faces all aglow with the idea that we need nothing more than a world sporting event to teach us how to live in peace and harmony.

The words they sang over and over were "We will rule the world!"

phoenix molochThe words of almost every carefully-chosen song said as much, and some added the distinct thought that this God we have been conned into trusting is all but ousted from our glorious self-made new paradise, and we are ready to replace the Creator with the "shining serpent" of Eden.

In the event, it wasn't Jesus on the cross that we heard about but Eric Idle performing his crucifixion song from "The Life of Brian". It wasn't the symbol of the Cross that we saw as the motivation of mankind's achievement, but the cruciform firebird dancer descending from the fire into the arena to dance to "Spirit of the Flame"!

Moloch/Baal rises again

And almost subliminal, in the heart of that phoenix was a horned devil! It was a classic drawing of the BAAL (bull) - Chaldean king god, who rose as the new-born SUN. Biblical students will perhaps be familiar with this horrific idol, the "lord" of the ancient world.

It is perhaps less well-known that another more bloodthirsty god mentioned in the bible, MOLOCH, in whose flames children were sacrificed, is essentially the same as Baal, for the name Moloch is "Melek" or king/lord. See many illustrations of Moloch, with more information HERE.

We already know that the Olympic Ceremonies drew from William Blake, the 18th century revolutionist, from Milton's poetry, and from Shakespeare. It will be no surprise to learn, therefore, that Moloch makes an appearance in these. In John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost published in 1667, Moloch is one of the greatest warriors of the fallen angels, a terrible demon covered with the tears from mothers and the blood of innocent children. In (Book 2:43-105) at the Parliament of Hell, Moloch gives a speech where he argues for immediate warfare against God. (Does that not chill the blood?)

In one of William Blake’s illustrations on Milton's poem, "The Morning of Christ’s Nativity", Moloch is portrayed as a flying demon, emerging from the pit of flame. Is there perhaps a reference to William Blake and the NEW christ's birth in the Olympic Games?

Blake's prophetic book Europe: a Prophecy was especially influenced by On the Morning of Christ's Nativity. In that poem, the messianic Orc, a symbol of pure creative energy, rises against the repressive institutions of Church and state. Orc is often associated with FIRE, and the closest parallel with him is found in "The Flight of Moloch", where a child is about to be given to the god of sacrifice. The similarity of the orifice that frames that child, to the shape of the christ-child's stable in the other illustrations, underscores the purpose of Christ's birth, and foreshadows the harrowing of hell. (See entire article.)

Blake was influenced by the ideals and ambitions of the French and American revolutions, as well as by such thinkers as Jakob Böhme and Emanuel Swedenborg. If you care to follow that research through you will be astonished at its relevance to today's revivalist churches and to the entire push for world unity and the new age!

The links here to mediaeval heretics, religious cults, and such organisations as freemasonry are far too complicated to discuss in one short article, but they all knit together into one aim: that of overthrowing biblical truth (and indeed God Himself) and replacing them with Lucifer's ideals first suggested in the Garden of Eden.

star  Please also see this important extract from “William Blake and the Radical Swedenborgians” by Robert Rix, Esoterica, V, 2003, Pp 95-137) entitled William Blake and Masonic Swedenborgianism. It's an eye-opener.

Gothic Pirates and More

ship of ghosts annie lennox

Ship of Ghosts

There was a strange appearance of a ghost ship with a Goth crew and tattered black sails like wings. It was a cross between the ghost ship from "Pirates of the Caribbean" and that famous scene in the movie "Titanic" as Annie Lennox leaned out of the prow to sing "Little Bird". The words could on this occasion be applied to the Phoenix and its promise of renewal and resurrection.

She strains forward out of weakness, despair and death to find "the little bird that glides across the sky...I walk along the city streets, So dark with rage and fear, And I wish that I could be that bird, And fly away from here... I feel so low...we reap what we sow... But this little bird's fallen out of that nest now ...I've got a feeling that it might have been blessed, So I've just got to put these wings to test."

For I am just a troubled soul, Weighted to the ground
Give me the strength to carry on, Till I can lay this burden down
Give me the strength to lay this burden down...

But this little bird's fallen out of that nest now
I've got a feeling that it might have been blessed
So I've just got to put these wings to test."

As well as this, Danny Boyle has stuck to his beloved Shakespearian "Tempest" theme, for we know that play was partly based on a real ship that was wrecked off the coast of Bermuda.


The symbol of Zeus is the eagle, which is a form of the phoenix. So the fact of its appearance was almost guaranteed. But as well as displaying this huge red fiery figure that was worryingly similar to the Nazi eagle, it connected in me with all kinds of mythical symbols sacred to Zeus (the god of the Games) and the fire of the sun-god that he represents; especially as the centre focus of the closing ceremony was at first the London EYE with its obvious sun-disc symbolism highlighted by the dot in its centre.

london eye

No wonder the drummers later on were displayed hanging from this disc drumming up the spirits of the festival.


The amount of drumming, and foot-stomping, during both opening and closing ceremonies was excessive - over a thousand volunteers were used - and while being a dramatic device, this was also intended to "drum up" the ancient spirits of the games! Likewise the ringing of bells, a satanic device for summoning spirits.

drumming peasants

It has been reported that several drummers can identify voices and noises of unseen beings speaking through their drums, and one says that it is this "voice of the spirit" that makes a good drummer and provides inspiration for the music. One professional drummer even claimed that persistent drumming can lead to possession.

Be that as it may, the drum-beat of the music and loud foot-stomping hardly faltered for the four hours of both opening and closing ceremonies.

Hedonism and Sexual Immorality

If the Opening Ceremony presented us with a struggle through Britain's past to recover its ancient religious roots, the Closing Ceremony celebrated in song what that New World Order will be like, and who will rule over it.

Music at the show was indicative of the kind of morality we have come to expect at this kind of event.  Gay performers included Freddy Mercury, who appeared in a giant hologram, George Michael, David Bowie, the Pet Shop Boys, Queen - and lead singer Emeli Sande who gave the opening song is also reputedly lesbian.

Another obnoxious participant was the unruly, foul-mouthed Russell Brand who is seen here giving the satanic salute.

Messages in Lyrics

This show was all about the music and dancing. The choice was interesting, and the lyrics said it all.


John Lennon's song 'Imagine' about a united world with no religion could have been composed specially for the occasion. "Imagine there's no heaven... No hell below us... And no religion too... A brotherhood of man... And the world will live as one."

After this came George Michael's "Freedom ’90"




To the strains of Kate Bush and "Running Up That Hill" the actors dragged white blocks together to create a central pyramid. They then lay down around it like sacrificed slaves.

But one of the most bizarre and seemingly inexplicable images was the huge transparent octopus or sea creature that appeared after the singing of "I Am The Walrus".

As the next Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, there was a sequence of Brazilian dance. But instead of the gigantic statue of Christ the Redeemer - the most famous landmark of Rio - what we saw was the pop idol Marisa Monte as the Brazilian voodoo sea goddess Yamanja, aka Leviathan or Cthulhu, who is celebrated every year in a huge New Years’ Eve party on the beach of Copacabana. Maybe then, the huge sea monster was a reference to this? (source)

What wasn't immediately apparent, except from a certain viewpoint, was that the psychedelic bus that had rolled on for the performance of "I Am The Walrus" was transformed into the octopus, creating a SKULL. See below.

bus skull

Urban Voices "Gospel" Choir.

I've put this title in quotes because I am disappointed that the only attempt to include the church in these ceremonies threw away any chance of biblical truth in favour of fame and popularity. This group sang two Beatles songs instead of gospel music. One of them "Here Comes the Sun" (by George Harrison) was written during their Eastern Mysticism phase and reflects again belief in the high sun god to appear and solve all our problems.

Now the blurb on their website revels in their new popularity:

Following their recent appearance at the London 2012 closing ceremony Urban Voices Collective are taking the music scene by storm. Their distinctive style and outstanding vocals have granted this London based collective countless performances with artists as diverse as Paloma Faith, Take That, George Michael, Muse, The Who and The Kaiser Chiefs to name a few.

Born out of a desire to create a unique sound which fuses traditional gospel, with R’n’B beats and soulful harmonies, Urban Voices Collective combine their rich vocals with a striking visual image. Whether backing some of the world’s biggest artists, headlining at a renowned venue in their hometown or performing an intimate wedding gig, Urban Voices Collective promise to bring the house down with their infectious energy and outstanding performance.

Founded by Karl Willett in 2006, the collective is made up of singers from a variety of musical backgrounds, from church singers to recording artists, bringing together some of the strongest and most adaptable vocal talent in London. With extensive experience in both live and studio settings, Urban Voices Collective's credits include collaborations with the London Symphony Orchestra, acclaimed producer and composer David Arnold (best known for writing the music for three James Bond films and working with major recording artists including Bjork, kd lang, Pulp, Damian Rice), backing vocals for Paloma Faith’s latest album ‘Fall To Grace’ and their own gospel arrangement of the national anthem for the Queen and the Royal Family at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games 2012.

Urban Voices Collective are privileged to have performed as guests on Premiere Gospel Radio and continue to work with & support a number of charities including Marie Curie Cancer Trust, The Teenage Cancer Trust, The British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.

Mocking the Crucifixion

It almost seems that including a so-called Gospel Choir was in order to poke fun at religion. The same was true of another song performed that night.

As if the phoenix "cross" wasn't enough, we saw a performance by Eric Idle, the former Monty Python star, of his movie hit "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" accompanied by actors dressed as nuns and angels. This catchy song belies its context, which is the crucifixion scene from his film "The Life of Brian" a parody of the gospel story which ends in Eric Idle being crucified after having been mistaken for the Messiah.

Eric Idle

'The Who' Defiantly Closes the 2012 Olympics

Finally, as the London Olympics 2012 flame was extinguished - on midnight at 12 August - the Olympic Stadium came alive for one last time, as The Who took to the stage to perform Baba O'Riley and See Me, Feel Me. The band was then joined by other performers, including Bussell and the artists from Rio, for one last song - My Generation - the new generation's contempt for all that has gone before:

People try to put us down, Just because we get around
Things they do look awful cold, I hope I die before I get old
This is MY generation 
This is my generation, baby 

Why don't you all fade away, And don't try to dig what we all say
I'm not trying to cause a big sensation. I'm just talkin' 'bout my generation
This is MY generation 
This is my generation, baby 

Final Words

I know that it's possible to read too much into things. But taking these ceremonies as a whole I do feel there was an overall theme of not only honour to the ancient gods but - worse - a satanic ritual designed to birth the New Age.

The central idea running throughout all ages and almost all religions and cults is the same: loosen our ties to God the Ruler and bring about mankind's autonomy... but what mankind doesn't realise is that human "freedom" is an illusion; it's slavery to another 'god' - Lucifer the false saviour of the world.

The New World Order that these fanatics want to install is not the fun and games that the Olympics suggested. It is a totalitarian government that will ruthlessly and mercilessly suppress all opposition!

The inner 'wisdom' of sophia - derived from satanic sources by prophecies and revelations - is not a forgotten cult like the alchemy, astrology and Kabbalism of John Dee. It's not a historical anachronism that we can safely ignore! It is today being pumped out full blast from radio and TV stations, stamped all over popular films and books, and worst of all preached from platforms that call themselves Christian.

The London Olympics was a festival of satanic wisdom designed to raise that 'spark of consciousness' in mankind that will lead him to seek personal godhood, resurrection to a spiritual being, and the power to rule his planet.

This is all nonsense, right?

Do you think this will never affect you? Do you think this is all some kind of fanciful hokum invented by paranoid conspiracy nuts? I wish you were right. I really do. But the truth is that we are ALL caught up in a landslide plummeting towards the End, and staying asleep is not an option.

If these articles have helped you just one step closer towards smelling blood in the breeze, and understanding that it's YOUR blood they are after, it will have achieved its aim.

What to Do?humilty

You don't really need to know about symbolism, the kabbalah, the ancient gods or anything else, except that it helps to educate your mind to be able to spot it hidden in plain sight.

What is really necessary is something any Christian (or non Christian) can understand: God is the Creator and Ruler of this planet. Ultimately he will not allow it to descend into total darkness, nor be hijacked by evil powers. Yet there WILL come a time of great trouble and shaking, testing the souls of every man, woman and child on earth.

We are seeing the leading edge of that every day and everywhere. What to do is to make sure YOU are right with God. That's the only way to make it through.

If you aren't a Christian yet - think seriously and earnestly about what a mess your life is in, and sincerely apologise to God for getting almost everything horribly wrong. You have angered and disappointed God every moment with your selfish and proud attitude. Stop pretending. Stop running away from your sin. Stop trying to live YOUR life YOUR way, and hand it over to GOD. Make HIM the Lord and Ruler of everything, and receive his Holy Spirit of cleansing and renewal.

The same goes for Christians, especially if you've been living outside of God's commands and ignoring the consequences. Be humble enough to admit you have been foolish and wrong. Repent, and receive him anew, before it's too late.

And may God speak to you through these words. Amen.

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