"The Tribulation - Another Look" by Tricia Tillin


This four-part study is a new look at the Tribulation. It does not follow the conventional church teaching that is available everywhere in books and articles; it goes back to the roots of scriptural interpretation. Unless we find the courage to rethink the Tribulation and Rapture, we will miss the importance of these present days, and possibly even the signs of His Coming.

Please approach this study with prayer and with an open mind, ready to learn, and check everything by the word of God. Try to let go of the prejudices and preconceptions of the past, get beyond the knee-jerk reaction against something that is "not-pre-trib", and put down all the famous books and well-beloved teachers' materials, to look at what the bible actually says to us today.

Part One:
  • Reasons to take a new look at the Tribulation
  • The narrow road with two ditches
  • The 2012 Pitfall
  • The Tribulation & Rapture according to scripture
    • The testimony of Jesus
    • The testimony of Paul

Part Two:

  • HOW long is the Tribulation? Seven years - or not?
  • WHAT is the Tribulation? Unendurable universal horror - or not?
  • WHEN is the Tribulation? From day one of the "last week" - or not?
  • WHO is involved in the Tribulation? Just Israel and the World - or not?
  • The pattern established:
    • (1) Jesus at Passover
    • (2) Peter at Passover

Part Three:

  • The "Midnight Moment" of crisis
  • Resolution & Boldness comes after Trial
  • First comes Apostasy
  • What we will face
  • The middle of the Night - also the day, week and hour!
  • Comparison tables of the "midnight moment" for Jesus

Part Four:

  • Two biblical types of the Tribulation & Rapture
    • Lot
    • Noah
  • The events as seen in Revelation
  • Comparison Table of Tribulation & Rapture in the Bible
  • Pinpointing the Biblical Second Coming
  • Graphic outline of all events
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