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"A New Approach to Revelation" by Tricia Tillin (Extras)

how the day of atonement Temple service sheds light on the book of revelation - Charts of Events

This page contains useful graphics and summaries of the timeline involved in both the Temple Service of Yom Kippur and Revelation. Although they can be studied totally independently of the text, it would be most useful to open them alongside the text, perhaps in a new tab. They are indeed designed to open in a new tab or page, according to the browser you use. There are also downloadable versions of the complete text in both document form (MS Word) and PDF format (Adobe Acrobat).

  1. Text version [graphic] of Yom Kippur service and Revelation events, with notes on the significance of each.
  2. Events on Earth during the whole period of Revelation. [Graphic]
  3. Trumpets & Bowls Additional Page
  4. Microsoft Word Version of the Entire Study (modern versions of Word)
  5. Microsoft Word Version of Entire Study (older versions of Word)
  6. PDF Version of the Entire Study
  7. Table of Contents
  8. Index Page 

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