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"A New Approach to Revelation" by Tricia Tillin

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For the past few months I have been exploring and researching what I could say is "THE KEY TO THE BOOK OF REVELATION", if I was given to hyperbole and self-promotion. I don't propose to speak of what I've found in any grandiose way, yet - for me at least - it has opened my eyes to a book of the bible that contained many confusing and obscure passages.

For all those who feel no need to explore beyond the "received wisdom" of decades of teachers and are content with what they already understand, this article will seem an annoyance I'm sure.

Yet for anyone looking to study the mysterious vision in a way that makes more sense, and in a way that reveals its underlying structure and purpose, what I am about to share might just open the door to understanding.

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By the way, please don't feel the need to write to me correcting my "poor English and grammar" - I am British, not American, and there are many differences in the way we write. One word that I use many times during this study is "judgement". That is how people from England spell it! Sorry, but it's true. We don't use the letter Z in words like 'realise' and apologise' and we have the letter U in words such as colour, vapour and valour.

Special Note: For those with inquiring minds I have included here below a number of articles on the Net and in books, not all of which I would agree with doctrinally. However, I decided to offer some of them as food for thought and for further study, in one way or another. Exercise caution!

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Historical Background
Literary Background
The Book
Sources for Further Study (Some Questionable Doctrines!)

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